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Fietsen van San Francisco naar Vancouver - vanaf Maart 2012

Lieve mensen van de fietsers community,

ik schakkel meteen op engels om, want mijn Nederlands is niet het allerbeste.

I am looking for (a) nice bikemate(s) who wants to join me for a approx. 3 months (or longer) tour on the US west coast. My plans are not fixed at all, so I am also quite flexible for a second or third idea (San Francisco-Chicago; Florida to anywhere or South America). The only thing I know is I wanna explore America on a bike. My fitness level is not too bad. Female (28), half Austrian half Dutch, living in Vienna, Ultimate frisbee player, sometimes yoga, sometimes also swimming, running, climbing and biking, as I enjoy every kind of activity. So far I haven't done any bike touring, but I know how to ride a bike very well. :)
I quit my 4-year job in order to see a little more of the world. There's no real time limit for me! Start should be preferrably March 2012, but January or February are fine too.

So, if anybody is interested or has similar plans. Please let me know. I've seen someone posting a coast-coast request further below, but I am not sure whether he's found already a buddy.
(Kan ook nederlands, maar schrijven gaat niet zo makkelijk)
Beste groeten,

P.S.: I've read that bike directions should be rather from north to south than the other way round, however it wouldn't fit with the March Vancouver, Washington State, Oregon, Northern California....might be too cold.
Misschien worden je plannen aantrekkelijker als ze wat uitdagender worden. Deze afstand (1250 km) is in drie maanden zelfs goed te wandelen...
Daar heb jij natuurlijk gelijk. Nu zie ik pas, dat ik me vergiste met het onderwerp. Het zoud eigenlijk Los Angeles naar Vancouver zijn.
But like I said, I am open for other ideas, which doesn't mean that I lean back and don't have my own wishes. Not at all. I am just up for a lot of routes.
Thanks a lot for the notice,
Biking south- north on hwy 101 did not incur any issues for me when biking a section in 2008. However winds typically blow from the west.
The coastal region region has a moderate climate but as soon as you go inland passing through higher elevations you will see snow in april-may.

unfortunatley i am not able to join you the full stretch but portland- vancouver BC should be possible.

If you need (or anyone else) any additional info let me know!

Portland Oregon

And oh yes Do NOT mix up vancouver BC with Vancouver Washington state. I see that a lot around here!
en Nederlands ben ik nog niet verleerd.... ;)
Dear/Beste Walter,
thank you very much for your kind reply.
Regarding hwy 101: Do you know whether omitting highways is possible on the west coast route? I know it might be a strange question to ask, but biking on a highway sounds venturous for me as European, apart from the pollution.

So you'd be up for Portland-Vancouver BC, alright. If my plans work out I will come back to your offer. :) Thanks a lot!
Biking on highways (and interstates) is legal and relatively safe as they have shoulders. Sometimes its the only way to get from A to B!
Sure there are alternates to the coastal highway but if you are looking for a scenic and fun ride stay on it.
Using a bike mirror is highly recommended and make sure you are more visible by using either lights or wearing bright colours on the busier stretches.
some stretches of hwy 1/ hwy 101 can be busy; espcially south of SF.

Again; a lot of bikers use the coastal highway and accidents are rare!
I never had issues or close calls with car traffic when biking

Dear Walter,

aaaah, I see. Thanks a lot for the details and explanation.
Zeg, in which month would you have time for Portland-Vancouver?
Dag Annika, goed dan zal ik mijn Engels ook wat oefenen :-)

I'm the guy you reffered to I guess, who wants to travel the coast to coast (C2C). It is a route intended for bicycles, 'invented' by the ACA, like there are many trails in the US : The coast-to-coast distance is between 6000 and 7000 km.

I intend to start in April or even May because, like Walter and yourself said, April might still be cold in the region surrounding the Rocky Mountains (which you must pass travelling the C2C). Especially when starting in Vancouver (not that far from Seattle), temperature should be a concern. It has about the same distance from the equator as Belgium, and thus comparable climate/temperature (I checked some climate-sites). Due to the Westerlies (prevailing winds blowing towards the East), biking Seattle --> New York appears to be the most logic sense. I speak of those cities because they have the best connections with Belgium.

A highway in America is not like a European "autostrade/snelweg"; maybe they are as crowded nearby cities, but in between they become quiter. Also, Americans tend to drive more relaxed, as distances are larger. *I read and also asume*

The West coast seems interesting aswell (many Sequoia-parks) and it even is an alternative route for the C2C, but that way, by the time it takes to get there from the North, it will be a few weeks later and doing the C2C you still have to cross some desert-like areas for several weeks, so things can get hot. The hot weather seems to be starting in April in California, Nevada, Utah, ... (check a climate-site).
Anyway "Sierra Cascades + Western Express" are an alternative for me, for the genuine "Transamerica Trail" (check the map I linked to).

So come along and we'll do the C2C via the South-West :-)

BTW 1 : I just now see you tend to head North, my explanation is based South.. :-)
BTW 2 : I am limited by my work, so the exact date is not yet determined and can not be not sooner than week 2 of April.
BTW 3 : I made a few trips in Europe a few years ago, so my level of biking-adventure is (again) basic aswell.
BTW 4 : What is a Gumi ? ;-)
Beste Stijn,

heel erg bedankt voor jouw message! That sounds all very interesting to me. I will have a look at your suggested routes and get back to you as soon as I am out of the office today or tomorrow! :)
Gumi is my nickname referring to my last name.
Looking forward,
Hallo Stijn!

I was thinking about your suggestion and I really like it a lot. So I can definitely imagine to go for this C2C route. Funnily i've seen the adventurecycling site before, but did not come across this terrific route map! Thanks a lot! You are right, the different climates is an issue!
Until when do you have time?
The tour would be something very new to me and I would like it to be something without any "hurry". Not meaning, that I wanna bike slowely, like grandma, but rather that in case of stel voor a town or a city is a good place to stay for some days or meet friendly people who invite us to stay over for a night or two. Would that be something you can imagine doing, without feeling "taking-away-your-time". What's the reason you want to do this journey? For me it has to do with getting to know the country, the people, their lives and myself. I am very open-minded, cheerfull, friendly but also I like silence and relaxing moments, interesting deep-going conversations.
I know, this sounds all very much like many people in the's difficult to describe oneself.

If something happens to my bikemate e.g. he becomes sick, it's more imporant for me to take care of that person and stay at the place whereever we are in order to give him/her time to get-well, than feeling the force to go on no matter what. The same I'd expect from him/her.

Do you plan to sleep in a tent or on couches (couchsurfing) or in B&Bs? I like all of them. But as budgets are limited I'd also go for taking a tent with me, depends on the area we are. If there's danger of bears coming along, I'd go for the other two alternatives.

And, could you imagine biking with a complete stranger (at first)? I asked myself the same question, but I came from the idea to do it on my own, after realizing that it would be an advantage in many points to find a second person, or even a third one. So for me it's out of doubt doing this together. :)

Looking forward to hearing from you and your thoughts.
Annika, ik heb je een privé-berichtje gestuurd. Een privé bericht_ eerder :-)
Hey guys,

I am a 32 year old guy living in Rotterdam
This trip sounds like a trip i would like to join , if there is still room that is.
The only downside for me is, before saying if i could make it, i need to see if i can rent out my house. Have you made any final plans.

Kind regards