Interactive map Indian Himalaya

We just finished putting together a new interactive India Himalaya cycling map that covers the route from Leh all the way through Spiti and Kinnaur. The scenery is fantastic! Plus it changes so dramatically - from the deserts of Ladakh all the way to the lush green landscape of Kinnaur. The map contains around 70 pictures from the route. https://impressions.bicyclingaroundthew ... ctive-map/


Beautiful and impressive pictures! Nice also to position them on a map to get a feeling for the changing landscape. Not sure if I would call the map "interactive" though. In 2015, we were in the Ladakh and Zanskar area but followed other routes - we should start an even bigger joint map :D
Not sure if I would call the map "interactive" though.
You’re right, we don’t really give people a chance to place a reaction. :wink:

And how’s your website coming? Maybe you can build a similar map to show where you have pedaled.