Lars goes Latin


Nog een paar daagjes en dan is het zover, Lars goes Latin voor een half jaartje :D :) :shock: :lol:
En laat ik jullie ( hoop ik ) een beetje meegenieten vanuit de luie stoel, of nog beter, vanuit de burostoel op het werk :wink:

Tot volgend jaar !!!

Groetjes Lars
Hoi die Lars,

Heel veel plezier in Zuid en midden Amerika. Ik ben er vaak geweest maar helaas nog niet op de fiets. De mensen en de landen zullen je bevallen!


Veel plezier en we zijn benieuwd naar je verhalen, die deze keer ongetwijfeld in het Spaans komen. ( 8) :shock: :lol: :roll: )
Veel plezier en geniet ervan!
Hola Lars,

Pienso esta mas mejor para tu, visitaro Latina america, por primero vez.

Feliz Navidaz e prospero anjo.

Goede reis!!

Buen Viaje! :D
Hola Lars,

Los cyclos todos mundo, .... ofzo... :) :) :)

Enjoy the ride

Hoi Lars,

Een fantastisch fijne tijd toegewenst!!

Wim & Marjan.
Dank u allen voor de leuke reacties !

Keep on going, just as I do :wink:

Roald schreef:Los cyclos todos mundo, .... ofzo... :) :) :)
Handig om er even een vertaling bij te zetten...
Los cyclos is geen bestaand woord. Los ciclos = de cycli.
Todos = allen.
Mundo = wereld.
Ik kan er geen chocola van maken.
Mocht je een woord zoeken voor 'wereldfietser' dan is mijn suggestie viajero (-a) en bici. Of ciclista trotamundos.
Misschien is er iemand die het zeker weet.
Jan Eleveld schreef:'wereldfietser'
'Ciclista del mundo' natuurlijk! :wink:

Het ging meer om de succeswens dan om het foutloze Spaans, denk ik zomaar... :D
IK weet een leuke suggestie voor Lars. Lars fiets al lang en vaak mee met de wereldfietser. Maar hij heeft geen website, zodat wij niet kunnen genieten van zijn mooie reizen en mooie foto's

Misschien is het een goed idee als iemand van de wereldfietser voor Lars een simpele, maar leuke site kan maken.

Tja, ik wil wel een simpele wordpress site voor hem in elkaar draaien. Dat is niet zo moeilijk. Veel belangrijker is of Lars zin heeft om er iets mee te gaan doen. Ieder z'n meug. Misschien post Lars liever af en toe een verhaal op het forum. Ook prima toch? Ik zie er nu al naar uit.

Hola amigo´s,

Here is part one of I hope some interesting stories about my bicycle ride from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Patagonia, then up north all the way to Lima,Peru, crossingthe Andes into Chili several times.

So, adventure has started, a little sooner as hoped ...
What happened ?
Checking me, my luggage and my bicycle in at schiphol airport the not so good lady behind the Iberia desk gave me a wrong sticker to put on my bicycle box, destination Mexico.
I saw it only 30 minutes before checking in. Just grabbed suddenly my passport and looked at the receipts for my luggage. Suddenly I saw the letters MEX on one of my receipts. My brains were a little slow ... MEX ? As for Mexico???
No ... NO !!!!
I ran to a lady behind the counter and asked if I saw it right, MEX .
She looked, looked again and said, yes, the lady who checked you in made a mistake.
Checking with her colleges, making some phonecalls to hold my bike.
They made a new sticker for it and promissed me to put it on my white carton bicycle box.
I didn´t have to worry ...

2 1/2 hour flight to Madrid.

2 hours to change planes.

Arriving at the boarding gate I decided to check, dubbelcheck to make sure they didn´t forget my bicycle box. A nice and helpful man promissed me to check and act.

Looking out of the window I saw a car with trailer, and on top of the trailer a white carton box, my bicycle !!!
But ...
The car passed my plane,and went around the corner ...
Panic ...
I ran to another counter and asked the lady where the boarding gate for the plane to Mexico was, she looked it up in the computer and said, gate 29.
I was at gate 7, gate 29 was around the corner ...
I ran back to my gate and waited for the nice helpful man.
When I saw him I told him I saw my bicycle, going around the corner !
He said, yes, I am on to it.
I asked if my bike was at the plane to Mexico and he said yes again but that I should not worry. He was after it.
Scary minutes ticked away and suddenly I saw my bicycle box again and this time, yes ! , it was going to the right plane !
I was so happy and it was just minutes before checking in !
In the slurf to the plane I saw the helpful man outside, he saw me to and raised his thumb, I raised two !


Arrived at BA in a thunderstorm, cycling out in the rain at 21:00 hours to find a place to camp. The rain didn´t bother me, happy as I was with all my luggage and my bike.
Riding on the highway it was very wet, the street full of water. At a particular place it was like 10 cm deep, I rode on the side ofthe road and 3 cars splassed me so bad, soken wet I was. But still happy.
I made a mistake in navigating, I looked back home on google earth for a place to pitch my tent and found someting next to something like a dirt road, behind some trees. But the road where I was on now was a highway, I was kinda lost.
But with this heavy rain I started to look for a campsite anyway and found one. 40 meters from the highway, behind a deserted house and some trees. Not the best spot but I was tired and just wanted to sleep. So I did.

Next morning it was almost dry as I cycled away, again on the ( forbidden ) highway.
Only for 7 km, then there was a turn off which would sent me through the outskirts of BA.
Asking for a street people warned me not to go there, dangerous. They pointed at my earrings and rings and told me to get them of. One of my rings is impossible to get of so I told them I would be extra carefull, also showed them my wooden stick and ammonia .
( Some americans told me once you could knock a bear down with that ... )

So I cycled through this really very bad neighbourhoud, dirt roads full of mud and poor people .. I cycled in the middle of the road, extra alert and fast too.
Thanks to google maps it was easy to find the streets I wanted to ride. Also checked with a young woman if it was dangerous here, she was walking alone too and she said, mas o menos, more or less.
But it soon became better and better, bringing me closer to town and to Victoria Diaz and her husband, where I could stay a couple of days. A wonderful thing called couch surfing :-)

Their house was in the cities centre and the welcome was very good, she is a wonderful person. Cooked me a delicious lunch while I was showering. Bottle of wine with it, yeah, it finally became good :-)
We went to a place where her husband, Thomas, was selling his photographs and she showed me around. But a little tired as I was I took the bus back to their house, their key in my pocket. That´s what trust is all about. Making me feel good. Even better after finishing one of their beers, only 970 ml big ...
In the evening had a great dinner and went early to bed.

Next day I explored BA on my own, cycling through this amazing city with it´s great architecture and o so nice plaza´s. That´s what makes south america so great, not only the great nature and people but also the cities, I love them all !
And BA is something special, with it´s widest avenue of the world and all other great signs, the harbour side, parks and so on.

Having a great time !

Tomorrow I will cycle out of BA, going west, to the pampa´s.
Looking forward to it !

Hasta pronto

:D :arrow: :lol: :arrow: :P :arrow: :wink: :!:
Avonteur, begint bij de achterdeur.... :lol:
Allmost robbed ...

Hola amigo´s,

The day I left Vitoria and Thomas, where I slept two nights and had a great time, I decided to go to Plaza del Congreso, which is a great plaza like thousands of them in south america. Sitting there on a bank I enjoyed the vieuw when a well dressed man came to me and asked if this was Plaza del Congreso. I said yes and when he walked away he dropped something on the floor, looked like a credit card in plastic with a written number on it. So I shouted at the man, mister ! He didn´t hear me so Ipicked it up and shouted harder : mister ! Still he wlked away so I shouted this time : AMIGO !!! Then he turned around and I showed him what he lost. He didn´t came towards me but just stood there, like 15 meters away. Wanted me to come to him I understood in a second. Something was not right. I looked back at my bicycle and all my stuff, just 4 meters behind me and there was this other guy, between me and my bike, ready to steal God knows what from my stuff. Suddenly I understood the whole picture, looked at the guy who ´lost ´his card and said : I know what you are doing, you want your card back ? Here, and I threw it on the ground in front of me. You pick it up you thief ! He did and started to walk away but not without me shouting allover the Plaza : look people, there goes a thief, he and his friend ! Police, police !!! I shouted and pointed to the two men. Unlucky there was no police but haha I sure pissed them off !
Pfff, that was a close one ...

Cycling out of a big city is never nice but after 60 km I saw the first grass and even dared to look around in stead of only looking in my mirror and all around me.

Made a nice camp in a little acacia tree forest, in between some cows I discovered later but they only looked at me like only cows can do :-)

Day after I made another 100 plus kilometers on the highway. The road I originally planned was a dirtroad but with all the rain the last couple of days the dirtroads had turned into mudd roads, unable to cycle so I had to plan B. Which I didn´t have.
But checking my map out it was easily, from Navarro there is Highway nr 41 to Mercedes / San Andres de Gile. From there the 7 to Carmen de Areco and Junin. The 188 to Lincoln ( where I am having a day off after 426 km. in 4 day´s ). Tomorrow further west to General Villagas. North ( nr 33) to Emilio V. Bunge. West to Hipolito Bouchard, North to Serrano, W to Villa Valeria, Justo Daract. W to Nueva Escocia en Zanjitas. N toSan Louis. ( for my mum and dad who like to follow me )

So I cycled the highways west of Buenos Aires.
One night I couldn´t find a place topitch my tent in some bushes or something so I stopped at a house, just near highway nr 7. They had a little shop selling cheese. Iasked at this guy if I could camp in their garden and he called the owners. Seemed his grand dad was dutch as well ! He even knew some words in dutch, mooi prachtig as he pointed to my tent. Very nice people and the even gave me some Gouda cheese, yeah, that was the cheese they sold here, just 30 km east of Junin on highway nr 7, remember if you are around ;-)

So after Junin I decided to take route 188, which was much better, less traffic.
A little tired I decided I needed a day off, wash my clothes and so on.
So I asked for the Camping Municipal and found it. Even before pitching my tent a car appeared, television written on it. Two guys came out with camara and all.
And came to me for an intervieuw !
When it didn´t go well, me not understanding most of the questions they said they be back.
And so they did, with a girl who did translate :-)

Broadcasted on monday, around 12.
Yeah, this happens when you are famous !
Or riding your bike hahaha.
Thinking about this this was the 4 th time in my ´career ´
One time in Mexico, once in India, Iran and now here !

This afternoon I was invited at a BBQ because it was this young girls birthday and they had a party just in front of my tent and because argentinian people are just nice, especially when you ride a bike ...

So I keep on doing this, tomorrow further west.

Greetings Lars
Goede reis verder Lars en pas goed op je zelf.

Nice stories, thanks for sharing :)